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Do a good job in inheriting and promoting the cultural influence of Beihai arts and crafts

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Note:   On the morning of November 25,the unveiling ceremony of Guangxi Arts and Crafts Master Beihai Fine Arts Museum and t
   On the morning of November 25,the unveiling ceremony of Guangxi Arts and Crafts Master Beihai Fine Arts Museum and the opening ceremony of Beihai fine arts and crafts exhibition were held in Shande garden,Beihai old street.Wang Naixue,Secretary of the municipal Party committee,visited the exhibition to encourage the arts and crafts masters to create more distinctive works and constantly enhance the cultural influence of Beihai arts and crafts.

  Wang Naixue carefully watched the art works and written materials on display,listened to the works of master craftsmen,and highly appraised the works on display.Wang Naixue discussed and communicated with the masters of Arts and crafts,and encouraged them to open up new ideas,strive for perfection and create more fine arts and crafts masterpieces.When talking with Bai Yaohua,the inheritor of Hepu horn carving technique,Wang Naixue pointed out that the horn carving technique has a long history in China.Hepu horn carving is a treasure of Beihai folk art.We should inherit and carry forward this production technology,so that the art of Beihai can go to the whole country and the world.

  Wang Naixue stressed that the opening of Beihai boutique Museum,a master of Guangxi Arts and crafts,provides a platform for arts and crafts practitioners to exchange skills and learn.It is an important window for publicizing Beihai arts and crafts.It is of great significance to vigorously carry forward the"craftsman spirit"and prosper and develop the Arts and crafts industry in our city.We should actively do a good job in applying for the title of provincial and Chinese arts and crafts masters,promote the development of Arts and crafts in Beihai steadily,and boost the high-quality development of Beihai culture.At the same time,it is necessary to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between various arts and crafts,gradually form the arts and crafts industry,and make it bigger and stronger,so as to play a greater role in improving the level of industrial development of Arts and crafts products.

  This exhibition is one of the contents of 2020"cultural Beihai"construction activity week.It is a arts and crafts feast integrating exhibition,sales and exchange.It gathers more than 100 works of more than 30 craft enterprises,colleges and universities and more than 40 master craftsmen,including shell carving,horn carving,wood carving,jade carving,ancient ship wood furniture,chijiang ceramics,three-dimensional layer painting,pyrography,sand painting,leather carving,embroidery,etc Lacquerware and other categories.The exhibition works are exquisite in design,exquisite in craftsmanship and exquisite in production.Among them,there are both national award-winning works and provincial award-winning works,representing the highest level of Arts and crafts development in Beihai in recent years.In order to increase the interactivity and interest of the activity,the exhibition hall also set up a live performance and interactive teaching area.

  It is reported that in recent years,the Beihai arts and crafts industry has a good momentum of development,with more than 50 craft enterprises and studios,and more than 800 employees.There are 108 arts and crafts masters,including 2 Chinese arts and crafts masters and 28 provincial arts and crafts masters.The quality and quantity of craft talents are in the forefront of Guangxi.In the past three years,the arts and crafts works have achieved excellent performance in the exhibition,and won 13 national awards and 53 provincial awards.

  Liu Boxian,member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and director of the publicity department,and song Yunzhong,member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee and vice mayor,visited the exhibition.
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