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Europay dealers promote new brands, consumers' integrated solutions are improved, and europay h

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Note:   The traditional home decoration market is declining,and the emerging whole house customization industry is developin
   The traditional home decoration market is declining,and the emerging whole house customization industry is developing rapidly.More and more people focus on the whole house customization market.As the leader and reformer of China's home furnishing industry,opal has been deeply engaged in the home furnishing customization industry.It has joined hands with dealers to launch the first flagship store of"starhomes"brand under opal home furnishing group in China,providing consumers with a whole house customization solution.Liu Xibao,chairman of Shandong silver fast fruit decoration,Linyi distributor,and leaders of Linyi Municipal government and many heavyweight guests in the industry attended the event.
  Over the past 27 years,opal has always stood in the perspective of consumers and is committed to solving the decoration problems of consumers.In 2016,set off the second revolution of home furnishing and develop the strategy of big home furnishing;In 2018,opal,together with leading home decoration companies and major dealers,put forward an epoch-making large home decoration mode,created a closed loop of the whole process of home decoration,and provided customers with a brand-new home decoration consumption experience.In 2021,europay will further deepen the strategy of home furnishing,launch the brand of"starhomes"and expand the track of home furnishing.At the same time,europay will bring new vitality to the home furnishing industry and lead the transformation and upgrading of the industry once again.
  Star home mainly adopts the mode of cooperation with home decoration companies to get through the whole process of decoration,thoroughly get through the direct supply of manufacturers,and realize the perfect combination of customized product advantages and decoration service advantages of decoration enterprises.From the whole cabinet to the whole house customization,wooden doors,bathroom,soft decoration,kitchen electricity,metal doors and windows,armored doors,furniture supporting,large home furnishings,whole decoration and other fields,europay has formed a multi business plate to develop the integrated home furnishing service provider,which is now the symbol and benchmark of the whole home furnishing industry.
  In his opening speech,Liu Xibao,chairman of Shandong silver fast fruit Decoration Co.,Ltd.,a Linyi distributor of Star home,said:"we have cooperated with star home to thoroughly open up direct supply from manufacturers and improve the supply chain.In the future,we will continue to focus on users,build a product and service matrix covering the whole process of decoration,provide one-stop home solutions,and thoroughly improve the home consumption dilemma of Chinese people.
  Europay adheres to the enterprise spirit of"Seiko quality,high-quality delivery",adheres to the"customer-centered",and relies on the platform integration advantages to provide the main and auxiliary materials,furniture,home appliances,soft decoration and accessories of the supply chain system for star home.It is not only a first-line brand,but also a large-scale centralized purchasing and exclusive price advantage.This has also won the recognition of Red Star Macalline and other national well-known home stores and thousands of consumers,and the development momentum is very strong.In the future,opal will continue to move forward,join hands with dealers to grow together,and win-win with dealers to create a better future for home decoration customization.
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