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Although the decoration is good, what are the problems of customized furniture?

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Note: More and more people begin to like custom furniture. Custom furniture is good, but not all furniture must be customized.
 More and more people begin to like custom furniture. Custom furniture is good, but not all furniture must be customized. For the first time decoration friends, blindly pursue customized furniture effect, ignore the practical application, often fall into some habitual misunderstanding.
Note 1: the effect picture is the actual finished product
Believe that many people have met, in the computer to see the color of the cabinet board is off white, installed is white. In fact, we should consider the color difference between the effect picture and the actual room. What you see is what you get. This is the biggest misunderstanding of customized furniture.
Many people are used to using the thinking of purchasing finished furniture to look at customized furniture. Computer products as like as two peas computer furniture can be seen as the WYSIWYG, but the furniture displayed in the exhibition hall is exactly the same as the furniture that is moved back to the home. However, the computer display effect and actual effect of the customized furniture are different. The layout of the computer is not restricted by the spacing of the houses and the height of the floors. The computer can adjust colors and adjust the brightness of the light. But in real life, the room light often can't reach the effect of exhibition hall and computer. Therefore, consumers must consider the color difference when making customized furniture.
Note 2: as like as two peas, the whole house is customized.
Many friends as like as two peas in the whole house, they want to have a unified style and look neat and orderly. But after they are installed, they look like a color in the house, and the furniture style is the same.
When customizing, the whole house selects one color, and all furniture styles are unified, which is a common problem of many customized furniture at this stage. Many owners have a very simple idea when they do the whole house customization, that is, they want their homes to look neat. When decorating, we must put an end to the same color and style. But remember: furniture can be mixed, but decoration style can't mix and match.
It is suggested that different colors of the same color system can be selected to make the whole house customized. It is better to have the finishing point in the design to make the home more hierarchical. In addition, we can also distinguish the soft decoration from the furniture color, such as the overall color of the furniture is lighter, and the soft and soft assembly decoration can be appropriately selected to enhance the visual changes.
Note 3: customization is giving the designer full authority
Many friends don't understand the designer's design drawings. They think that customization is to be the shopkeeper and hand it over to the designer.
Customization does not mean that the owner can be free to be the shopkeeper, and the designer can provide solutions for the owner, but the owner still needs to fully communicate with the designer on the living habits, storage habits and hobbies of his family. At the same time, the age and height of the family members need to be verified by the owner and the designer.
When the Designer completes the design plan, the owner had better check carefully, it is necessary to take the drawings to the room to measure again, so as to avoid problems. In customized furniture, the color, size and material of the furniture need to be signed and confirmed by the owner. once //////confirm/i/i/i/i/i/ied, the problems will be difficult to deal with. Therefore, the owner should be cautious. It is one of the top ten brands of Mani home customization. It is a large-scale modern customized furniture enterprise integrating home R & D, design, sales and production. The main products cover eight space products including wardrobe, cabinet, tatami, bookcase, wine cabinet, cloakroom and supporting furniture.
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