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Custom furniture should be careful, the key points of production should be clear, and reasonable cus

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Note: Although the price of housing is relatively high, many people still want to buy a house in order to have their own home
 Although the price of housing is relatively high, many people still want to buy a house in order to have their own home in a strange place. In this way, whether it is work or life, they will feel the warmth of having a home and have the power to complete anything.
The decoration after buying a house has become a headache. Many people directly choose finished furniture in order to save trouble, which is not only convenient but also suitable for price. But now most of the decoration are young people. Although they are busy and have no time, there are still many requirements for the decoration of the house.
In order to meet their requirements, the furniture needs to be customized on site according to their ideas and the pattern of the home. What problems need to be paid attention to in order to ensure the practicability of the furniture?
1、 Seam shall be reserved at the splicing place
Customized furniture can build the furniture we want according to the proportion of space, but autumn is a particularly dry season. Not only people need to replenish water, but also the materials of customized furniture should be treated with "anti dehydration and anti fire".
When wooden furniture is customized, a certain gap should be left between the plates. This gap can ensure that after thermal expansion and cold contraction, the plate will not crack. For any season, the reserved gap can be used to make the service life of furniture longer.
2、 Gap between cabinet and wall
Now buy a house because of money, the area of the house will not be too large, so that the decoration will be limited by space. In order to increase the storage demand, many families will use some walls to design a wall cabinet or hanging cabinet.
The wall cabinet and hanging cabinet are different from other furniture. They need to be installed on the wall. Considering the safety and practicability, most of them let the carpenter customize the hanging cabinet at home on the spot according to the pattern of the home.
In the process of customization, the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction should be considered. In the installation, a certain gap should be reserved for the connection between the wall and the cabinet to allow it to ventilate and keep it dry. It will not damp the wood, nor will it shrink and crack due to the change of weather.
3、 Paint carefully
After the customized furniture is built, it needs to be painted to make the furniture more beautiful, seal the wood with oil, and prevent the internal moisture loss from cracking the furniture.
There are still cracking problems in many customized furniture at home. Generally, cracking is caused by two situations: one is the cracking in the interior of the material, and the other is the cracking in the surface paint of the furniture. In case of cracking in the furniture, it is necessary to determine which cause, and then deal with it accordingly.
1. The painting shall wait for the cabinet to be placed for a period of time
After the furniture is built, it should be prevented from painting for a period of time. This practice can effectively prevent excessive moisture in the wood, resulting in cracking of the paint on the surface of the furniture.
If the furniture at home is made in autumn, because the air itself is relatively dry, the storage time can be appropriately reduced to prevent cracking caused by excessive water volatilization.
2. The paint surface shall not be painted too thick
When painting the furniture, pay attention not to make the paint surface of the furniture too thick. If it is too thick, it will make the surface layer and inner layer of the furniture, because the uneven cold and heat will crack the paint surface and affect its normal use.
When painting, in order to protect the furniture, because the thickness of the paint is not well mastered, there are problems in the furniture, affecting its normal use and appearance, which is a little more than worth the loss.
Our family encountered this kind of thing once. The carpenter we were looking for was a novice. When painting the furniture, because we didn't master its thickness, we found that the paint cracked after using it for a period of time. If you want to find the master, you can't find it, and you can't continue to use it. You find the master again to make a set of furniture, which also gives you another experience of being trapped.
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