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The new house is being cleaned and the furniture is being put in. The customized cabinet of the whol

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Note: After five months of procrastination, new progress has only been made now. At present, customized cabinets and furniture
 After five months of procrastination, new progress has only been made now. At present, customized cabinets and furniture have entered the house, and the solid wood cabinet door has been waiting for an extra month! Many people say that summer is the best ventilation time. It is hot and easy to smell. However, it is estimated that the finishing work will take two or three weeks. After the soft decoration is complete, it is estimated that there is no flavor to be able to live directly. Soft clothes are really eye-catching.
Although the dining room space is a little small, but the large balcony with floor to floor bay windows has a very good light and view. Long in length and narrow in width, it is most suitable to use a rectangular table. The extremely simple table shape is very fashionable and avant-garde. With the table top made of artificial marble, it is stable and elegant.
The selection of glass sliding door between dining room and kitchen is really bright. Sliding door on both sides of the built-in cabinet, the perfect solution to the problem of no storage in the restaurant. The key is that it's beautiful.
The living room chose leather sofa, the first grade is high, and then the comfort is very good, the disadvantage is to often care, otherwise the skin will be broken soon! Ceiling is based on the central air conditioning duct to do, pure is simple decoration, more common.
The corridor leads to the bedroom and bathroom. Can do embedded cabinet to do embedded cabinet, save place really great.
Three bedrooms, bay window with big window sill, save money to make a cabinet. Simple in the windowsill paved with a layer of marble, cool and refreshing in summer. What do you think of this built-in wardrobe? The only problem is the width of the room. With the bedside table, the innermost cabinet door can't be opened, but fortunately it's double open, and the outside can be opened.
The color collocation of master bedroom is very bright and bold.
A walk-in cloakroom, and then the main bathroom.
Finally, tatami room, tatami bed and windowsill are not flush, mainly to pave the back cushion, so that the windowsill and tatami bed are flush. This is worth noting!!!
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