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2021 China (Chengdu) custom furniture exhibition

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Note:   In the great layout of China's Pan home industry,in the past 20 years,custom home has created a myth of the developm
   In the great layout of China's Pan home industry,in the past 20 years,custom home has created a myth of the development of the home industry with the miracle growth rate,fast iteration efficiency,broad integration space and potential.From wardrobe products to custom home and whole house customization,and then to custom decoration,the custom home furnishing industry has been accompanied by the trend of consumption upgrading,becoming a model industry integrating advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry,and also a benchmark industry leading the transformation and upgrading of China's home furnishing industry.
  In the layout of China's custom home furnishing industry,Chengdu,as the central city of Western China,occupies an important industry position and market share.Under the multiple promotion of economy,policy,market and talents,Chengdu has become another central area of customized home furnishing after Guangzhou.In this context,in order to develop the enabling industry and build a professional exchange platform for the western region,the 2021 China(Chengdu)Custom Home Exhibition hosted by Chengdu Bojun Media Co.,Ltd.will be held in the Western China International Expo City of Chengdu from November 25 to 28.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom furniture exhibition
  Chengdu strong economic strength
  Cultivate fertile soil for Industry
  As a new first tier city,Chengdu has made great economic progress.In 2020,Chengdu's GDP will reach 1771.67 billion yuan,an increase of 4.0%,ranking the third in the new first tier cities.Among them,high-tech industry has become an important factor to promote the economic development of Chengdu.According to reports,in 2020,Chengdu is expected to achieve a total revenue of RMB 1trillion in high-tech industry in the whole year.
  In terms of talent introduction,Chengdu has also issued a series of policy measures to strengthen the introduction,cultivation and retention of skilled talents,foreign talents and professional and technical talents.For example,the new policy of"Golden Panda"issued by the high tech Zone aims to promote the accurate transformation of talents into innovation kinetic energy and build a good ecological circle for human development.
  One belt,one road,one belt,one road,was launched in 2019.In 2019,Chengdu launched the action plan for the three years of construction of the"one belt along the way"(2019 to 2021).It clearly proposed that we should promote the construction of International Convention and Exhibition capital,promote the gathering and cultivation of famous exhibitions and famous enterprises,and enhance the function of"one belt and one road"for the Chengdu Convention and exhibition service.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom furniture exhibition
  Under China one belt,one road China's strategy,with the support of the government and policy,the Western custom industry will export the Chinese advanced and customized home furnishing mode to the world,showing the characteristics of China's intellectual property and original industry.
  One of the five home industry clusters
  Home is listed as pillar industry
  From the regional perspective,China has five major household industry clusters,which concentrated 90%of China's capacity.Among them,the Western household industry cluster,which is centered on Chengdu,is facing the third-class market in the Midwest.According to the survey data,the scale of customized home market in Southwest China will reach 15.5 billion yuan in 2020,and the market size is expected to be 18.7 billion yuan in 2021.The customized home market in Southwest China is still in the development stage,and its development potential cannot be ignored.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom furniture exhibition
  In addition,local governments have listed the household industry as pillar industries,and strengthened support in land acquisition,loan and employment.For example,Chongzhou will base on the orientation of"West control"Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park,and build the intelligent manufacturing industry ecosystem into a new business card of Chongzhou industry.With the attention of governments at all levels and the advantages of industrial clusters,the home furnishing industry has become an important pillar industry in Chengdu.
  World Customization:China
  Guangzhou in South China customization
  Chengdu in the West customization
  The custom home furnishing industry in China has a huge market development potential.According to iResearch statistics,China's furniture industry accounts for 39%of the global furniture production,which is far more than 18 percentage points in the second largest country,the United States.Among them,the market share of our country's special custom home is expanding.In 2020,the scale of customized home market in China will reach 360760 million yuan,with an increase rate of 16.09%.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom furniture exhibition
  World customization is China,South China is customized to Guangzhou,and Chengdu is customized in the West.As one of the representative areas of customized home furnishing industry,Western China has emerged a number of strong and influential excellent local brands,such as all friends,pearl in hand,Yi AI,Rhine egger,Debei,Shuanghu,yadu,Centennial impression,Xinyue destyle,Erica,100 V all house customization,livid family and other brands,The western region will become an important territory for the layout of China's custom home furnishing industry after Guangdong.
  The western region is vast in size and has a large population base.The penetration rate of customized home is lower than that of the north,the broad and deep market.The home market in the western region has great development potential and resource advantages.Due to the demand of optimizing the layout of the western market,head custom home enterprises have already laid out the western region,and have opened new factories.
  In 2017,Sofia invested 1 billion yuan to build Chengdu Chongzhou industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing plant;In the same year,the announcement issued by Shangpin homestead announced that it would invest 1billion yuan to build an industrial 4.0 intelligent customized home R&D center and production base in Chongzhou,Chengdu.In 2019,the furniture factory of Chengdu base of Europe dispatching was put into operation.All kinds of signs show that the western region has become the strategic must compete place for customized home brands.
  According to the financial report data,the average revenue of 7 listed custom home companies in the southwest market is about 12%,including nearly 14%of European pie,11%Sofia,9%of Shangpin house matching,12%of haolaike,15%of piano,10%of my music and 13%of the total fixed price.The share of revenue in southwest market should not be underestimated,which means there is still a broad development space.In addition,the growth rate of Zhibang in the southwest market is about 30%,and its southwest market develops rapidly.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom furniture exhibition
  (data source:sorted out according to public data)
  Chengdu Guangzhou double exhibition Union
  Promote the development of Western household industry cluster
  At present,Chengdu has formed a mature and complete household industry chain,which can meet the needs of upstream raw materials,downstream sales and other related industries.Chengdu will undoubtedly become a new growth point for the development of customized home brands under the strong economic development trend,relatively perfect industrial cluster resources and channels,supporting advantages of upstream and downstream industrial chain,and a series of policies.
  With the upgrading of industry,Chengdu needs to take exhibition as the driving force to promote the development of industrial cluster,improve the home industry chain and create customized home brands.China(Chengdu)custom home exhibition will provide a broader platform for Chengdu custom home industry.
  As the first custom home exhibition in the world,the organizer of Guangzhou custom home show in China,Bojun media will give full play to the experience of Guangzhou custom home show in China for many years.Through accumulating 11 years of resources of the whole industrial chain of customized home furnishings,relying on the mature operation mode of South China home furnishing industry,relying on the advantages of industrial clusters in the western region,To build a strong and effective display and exchange platform for exhibitors across the country,let the industry quickly understand the market dynamics of the west,effectively integrate resources,improve the supporting of the western industrial chain,and promote the transformation,upgrading and innovation development of the Western custom home furnishing industry with the help of the influence,communication and guidance of the exhibition platform.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom furniture exhibition
  Western China International Expo City
  Meanwhile,China(Chengdu)Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition will be combined with Guangzhou custom home exhibition in China to strengthen the effect of industrial agglomeration,form the ecological circle of customized home furnishing industry,promote the development of national custom home furnishing industry,and enhance the popularity and influence of the custom home furnishing industry in China and even in the global customization field.
  2021 China(Chengdu)custom home exhibition,November 25-28,and you meet with you Western China International Expo City,welcome the participation of the majority of home enterprises and dealers,it is not uncommon.
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