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If it goes well! Beihai, the crossroads, is definitely the largest and most popular business distric

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Note:   If all goes well,the most lively business circle in Beihai may not be Ningchun City or wanda plaza.It's a crossroads
   If all goes well,the most lively business circle in Beihai may not be Ningchun City or wanda plaza.It's a crossroads at the intersection of beihai road and Nanzhu Avenue,but it backfired.
  In the past two years,the east area of Beihai City has been particularly hot,and no matter real estate development,school construction,hospital construction,road construction,etc.,the construction has been incessant.The east of the city is becoming more and more livable.
  But looking back,the east of the city,which is so hot,is short of everything,but it just lacks commercial atmosphere.At present,the east of the city lacks a large commercial square.The only shopping plaza that has opened is just a Red Star Macalline Furniture Shopping Plaza selling furniture.
  In fact,in 2014,the largest commercial plaza in Beihai City started construction in the east of the city,which is the world of prosperity.Shenghui Tiandi covers an area of 150 mu,with a building area of 300,000 square meters.It will build Red Star Macalline Furniture Plaza,walking business,hotels,apartments and office buildings.
  When Shenghui Tiandi was built,beihai road East Extension had not been rebuilt or expanded,and the road was still very narrow.The surrounding area was also a garden wooden yard,and the only one was the Nanzhu Bus Station diagonally opposite.In 2014,the bullet train in Beihai was only opened soon,and Nanzhu Automobile was the most lively bus station in Beihai.
  At that time,when Shenghui Tiandi was publicized,it was always said that Wal-Mart would enter Shenghui Tiandi,which made many Beihai people look forward to the coming of the next Beibu Gulf business district.However,before Wal-Mart entered Shenghui Tiandi,Wal-Mart entered Nanyang International Plaza.Six years later,Shenghui Tiandi has not been built yet.Even now,except Red Star Macalline Furniture Plaza,other buildings in Shenghui Tiandi are still half-finished projects,and there is no sign that it will be built and put into use soon.
  Judging from the relevant policies of Beihai City around 2014,Chengdong is a priority area for commercial development in Beihai City.At the beginning,the three major commercial plazas in Beihai City,ASEAN International Trade City,Shenghui Tiandi and Pacific Commercial Plaza were all around Chengdong.But unfortunately,the ultimate fate of the three major commercial plazas is regrettable.
  In-depth analysis shows that the change of business status in the east of the city,in addition to the development policy of Beihai focusing on the south of the city,is the rise of Beihai bullet train,the decline of Nanzhu bus station,and the popularity of the east of the city has been suppressed before it rises.
  Now,after six years of seclusion in the east of the city,the opportunity of turning over the salted fish is once again ushered in.A series of supporting facilities such as transportation,medical care,schools and residences have been started in the east of the city one after another,and the formation of the business circle in the east of the city has begun to get on the right track.Although there is no sign of the completion of Shenghui Tiandi,Evergrande Garden opposite Shenghui Tiandi is almost completed.With the continuous efforts of Country Garden,Tongyang and New Ou Peng,the commercial development at the crossroads of Nanzhu Avenue and beihai road in the next few years is worth looking forward to.
  Compared with the commercial circle in the south of the city,the business circle in the east of the city has great advantages,that is,there are more people living in the east of the city,and there are more foreigners in the south of the city.Coupled with the help of industrial parks,the stable consumer population in the east of the city is very large.
  However,in a short period of two years,it is difficult for the East Business Circle to rise rapidly,and it will take at least five years or so.only when people live in the new residential quarters in the East of the city can the popularity be improved.Now many buildings in the East of the city are still under construction.
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