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The water of custom furniture is too deep. It was cheated to make the whole house, and formaldehyde

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Note: This is the first time for me to decorate the new house. I didn't know that there would be so many curved roads around h
 This is the first time for me to decorate the new house. I didn't know that there would be so many curved roads around here. As a result, I hit the road of others and made customized furniture for the whole house. After a check on formaldehyde, it exceeded the standard by more than 5 times! I am not custom furniture. I am hoarding formaldehyde. As a result, I am in a lot of trouble, so I have to consult experts.
Experts say that many materials should be used less in home decoration, especially the two below, which are formaldehyde emission sources. It is difficult for formaldehyde not to exceed the standard when using so many boards in my house.
Material 1. Wooden furniture
Wood furniture is generally made of man-made board, including composite board, density board and so on. They contain a lot of glue inside, so formaldehyde is not only more, but also has a longer release time. In addition, the exterior paint is also formaldehyde carrying products, such as my home with the whole house, formaldehyde will be more.
Material 2. Cloth decoration
Small home clothes, large to heavy window cloth, under the carpet, sofa cover, they all hide a lot of formaldehyde. Because these items will be soaked in preservatives when they are manufactured, formaldehyde will enter their bodies, so we should clean them before using them.
For example, my family has already exceeded the standard. In order to make the formaldehyde treatment faster, the professor taught me three moves, and the effect was very good. My family's problem was solved in more than 20 days.
The first move
This is a new type of formaldehyde removal material. What's special about it is that it has the decomposition ability that other adsorption materials don't have. It can not only absorb more formaldehyde than they do, but also treat it into harmless substances to discharge without occupying internal space. In this way, it will not be saturated, and it will be used for three years.
Second, high temperature ventilation
This method is more suitable for families with less furniture. The principle of formaldehyde management is that formaldehyde will release faster and more when the temperature is high, and then the indoor concentration of formaldehyde will naturally decrease a lot after ventilation. However, the high temperature has some negative effects on furniture. It is not recommended to use it frequently.
Third, activated carbon
The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is also very good, especially for formaldehyde gas, as an old-fashioned adsorption material, it is relatively handy. However, although its effect is OK, but it can not decompose formaldehyde, it will saturate and lose efficacy after 15 days of adsorption, so we need to replace it in time.
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