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Opal: personalized customization, with a variety of products to meet the needs of consumers

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Note:   Europeanism,with the tonality of a quality life and the beautiful vision of health,shines into the reality and makes
   Europeanism,with the tonality of a quality life and the beautiful vision of health,shines into the reality and makes more people experience the life in expectation.
  Let the wardrobe have vitality
  Oupai whole house customization is the flagship brand of oupai home group's whole house customization.Its products cover six spaces of the whole house(entrance space,dining room space,living room space,bedroom space,function room space,balcony space)and high-end customized home products.With more than 20 years of steady development,opal has become a leading brand in the field of whole house customization,with an annual output of 1.7 million sets of wardrobes,which are sold to 118 countries around the world.
  It has successively won the executive chairman unit of the wardrobe special committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce,the chairman unit of the customized home furnishing special committee of the all China Federation of home furnishings chamber of Commerce,China environmental label certification products(ten ring certification)and other authoritative honors in the industry,and has successively won 21 national patents.
  The home furnishing brand of Optima,which has been relying on the Internet plus and the big home strategy wave,has been upgraded to"Optima wardrobe+high-end home customization"in 2016.It continues to lead the development direction of the whole house customization industry in the Internet era.
  Oupai has transformed the wardrobe from a traditional part of home furnishing into a living embodiment with vitality.Modern people's pursuit of the quality of life has become the direction of oupai's unremitting pursuit.With continuous innovation and development,all the good things come from the wardrobe and can be fully displayed.
  Opal makes the wardrobe beyond the original home positioning and become a colorful element of life.
  Ingenuity,born for home
  Oupai wardrobe originated from the ingenuity of the Italian Design Alliance.Famous designers all over the world personally operate it.Every design embodies humanistic care and humanity.
  The global purchasing system guarantees the quality.The perfect combination of raw materials,such as Blum of Austria,Hettich hardware fittings of Germany,Ruihao PVC edge banding of Germany,solid wood board imported from the United States,PVC plastic film imported from Renolit of Germany,schattdecor surface decoration materials imported from Thailand/Malaysia,creates the infinite charm of European style wardrobe.The top raw materials all over the world are gathered together.Europay wardrobe is not only exquisite,but also exquisite.
  All production processes are implemented in accordance with international standards.With the blessing of more than 21 patented technologies,opal's wardrobe technology has risen to the top in the world.There are five technological guarantees:stepless height adjustment technology,new era sliding door lock technology,innovative laminate reinforcement system,sliding door two-way damping technology and ultra quiet dust-proof guide rail.Every inch is detail and every side is quality.
  Opal wardrobe cloud design service system through opal cloud design platform,vr virtual reality technology to achieve a better overall design height,to meet the diverse individual needs of consumers,needless to say.
  Life is an attitude,while Europeanism is a life.There is no best European style,only better quality.European style wardrobes are born for life,and their ingenuity comes from quality and originality.
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