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Chengdu gift exhibition will be held in Chengdu on June 18

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Note:   In recent years,with the continuous improvement of the economic level,more and more people begin to pay attention to
   In recent years,with the continuous improvement of the economic level,more and more people begin to pay attention to home decoration.The market prospect of home decoration products is broad.Therefore,more and more manufacturers focus on this sunrise industry.What is remarkable is that the 13th China(Chengdu)gift and household goods exhibition and 2021 cultural and creative tourism commodity exhibition will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 18 to 20,and more than 500 high-quality enterprises from Beijing and Shanghai,Jiangsu and Zhejiang,Fujian and Guangdong will be gathered at the scene to bring"50000+"creative gifts.
  As a matter of fact,since Chengdu has become an international consumer center,the Western ceremonial industry market has attracted the attention of the industry,and the enterprises all over the country with market sensitivity have been planning to"share"the western market.The exhibition covers an area of 20000 square meters,involving business gifts,cultural and creative products,promotional gifts,employee benefits,etc.Xiaojin learned from Chengdu Exhibition that many manufacturers and high-quality agents from Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong and other coastal provinces have entered the exhibition.The old enterprises who have participated in the exhibition for many times have already locked up their booths.More importantly,many enterprises who are optimistic about joining Chengdu gift Exhibition for the first time in the western market will bring high-quality goods to the southwest market.
  Monotonous household appliances can only meet a single functional needs,lack of visual enjoyment and experience of pleasure.Many consumers said that life should be rich and colorful,high color household products with bright colors can not only improve the quality of life,but also increase the sense of happiness,so they are deeply loved by consumers.As one of the highlights of this gift show,home furnishings with both"beauty"value and practicality will be displayed in a centralized way,and there will be more featured exhibition areas such as intelligent product exhibition area,wanghong product exhibition area and home furnishing gallery.
  As we all know,Chengdu gift show is an annual event of Southwest gift industry.With the latest purchasing demand of 2021,professional buyers from southwest will come to explore purchasing opportunities and gather at the show.According to the feedback from market visits,the categories of living and household appliances,food,household appliances and small household appliances are highly popular,and the"20+"categories of the above demand categories are covered in this Chengdu Exhibition“Chengdu,as a well-known online card punching City,its charm,history and culture bring its own traffic,and also bring fire to the cultural and creative product market."The person in charge of the event said that cultural and creative products have become the"new favorite"of young consumers.This Chengdu cultural and Creative Tourism Fair will gather all kinds of fashionable and interesting cultural and creative products,which are also full of attractions.
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