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Is there going to be a building materials logistics market in Beihai? Haisi Pan Home building materi

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Note:   I believe everyone who has decorated their home in Beihai knows that the building materials market in Beihai is too
   I believe everyone who has decorated their home in Beihai knows that the building materials market in Beihai is too scattered now.Sometimes,in order to shop around,they often have to run back and forth in several places.Brand building materials in Beihai are even rarer,and people who have no experience in decoration are easy to be pitted in Beihai.
  Now,on the morning of September 28th,the groundbreaking ceremony of Haisi Pan Home Market Project in Nan'an,Beihai was held in Pingyang Village,Pingyang Town,Yinhai District.
  This project is one of the signed projects of Beihai in ASEAN Expo this year.The total planned land area of the project is 209 mu,and the planned investment is 1 billion yuan.The planning and construction of the project focuses on the sales,display and experience of"building materials,stone processing,steel,metallurgy,doors and windows,household appliances,steel pipes,hardware,municipal pipelines,furniture,plumbing,bathroom and ceramic tiles",and focuses on the construction of warehousing and logistics facilities,creating a line
  Haisifan Home building materials logistics Market is located 100 meters north of the intersection of Xianghai Avenue and Pingyang North Road.The land area of the project is about 209.32 mu,with a total construction area of about 176,000 square meters.There are two functional areas:"Experience Exhibition Area"and"Warehouse Logistics Area".
  Among them,the total construction area of the"Experience Exhibition Area"is about 109,000 square meters,and about 670"Experience and Exhibition"facades are planned to be built,while the planned total construction area of the"Warehouse Logistics Area"is about 66,900 square meters.A total of 693 parking spaces are planned.The estimated total investment of the project is about 1 billion,which is expected to be completed in 18 months.
  Speech by Eliza,deputy secretary of the district party Committee and district head
  The completion of Haisi Fanjia building materials logistics Market will end the history that there is no large-scale building materials trading market in Yinhai District and even Beihai City,and change the present situation that Beihai City used to have too scattered building materials market,poor business environment and lack of unified management.The entry of building materials brands and third-party building materials and home furnishing enterprises will also effectively promote the rapid development of building materials industry in Yinhai District and even Beihai City.
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