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Design comes from life furniture designer Li profit: the whole house customization of fox hunting fu

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Note: This one of the top design institutions in the home furnishing industry has been adhering to the original furniture bran
 This one of the top design institutions in the home furnishing industry has been adhering to the original furniture brand design, emphasizing the balanced development concept of art and business integration. This design organization is the famous fox hunting furniture.
When someone asked how this design organization can stand out in the fierce competition environment, Li profit, the founder and director of fox hunting furniture, replied: "if you have someone in your heart, you can have love.". Design director Li Ruili always puts "user" in the first place of design and creation. He believes that the story of "people" is most worthy of in-depth study of furniture designers, and a comprehensive understanding of the life of "users", so that significant expectations can be achieved in the future furniture product design. It can be said that only "people" can have life, and the best design inspiration is life.
Over the years, fox hunting furniture has created 125 brand cases. Through the design director mode, it has deeply cooperated with top household enterprises such as oupai, gujia, Fangtai and Suli. Fox hunting furniture has constantly exported cutting-edge design, designed original full house customized products that are more in line with the needs of Chinese families. The home brand created has also successfully attracted 80, 90 new generation of young consumers.
In addition, fox hunting furniture customized products can create high-quality products for different interest groups.
Of course, in addition to "beauty", the fundamental reason why fox hunting furniture whole house customization is popular with the new generation of young people is that the design director system of fox hunting furniture puts the key of product design on the basis of user needs, and gives the product powerful functions, so that the user's home life becomes more beautiful.
For example, the whole house customized home brand cooperated with fox hunting furniture: Feijing. Positioning comfortable humanistic home, combining Oriental philosophy with international humanities, creating an elegant and comfortable contemporary lifestyle.
In the eyes of users, the first feeling of the product is appearance, followed by function. Fox hunting furniture is a good design with high appearance and strong function, which has won a large number of favor in the cooperative enterprises. Many enterprise owners say that choosing fox hunting furniture whole house customization is not only an aesthetic choice, but also an opportunity to choose an enterprise brand as an industry model.
Li profit, the design director of fox hunting furniture, has 20 years of furniture design experience. He uses subversive and innovative design concepts and is rooted in creating furniture products suitable for Chinese people's living habits. In his opinion, the customized design of the whole house with "high appearance and strong function" is already readily available.
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