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The publicity effect is doubled, creating and decorating the beauty of commercial office furniture a

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Note: Light box is one of the most common forms of advertising in life, in the square, in the subway, in shops Its figure is f
 Light box is one of the most common forms of advertising in life, in the square, in the subway, in shops Its figure is full of streets and alleys, and transmits information to people all the time to achieve the effect of brand promotion. However, it is such a pervasive publicity that makes people gradually have resistance to the homogeneous light box advertisement. People will subconsciously ignore the information conveyed by the light box advertisement, which will greatly reduce the advertising effect. However, the cost of changing the advertising design is quite high, especially for the larger brands, the set propaganda language can not be changed easily. However, there is no need to worry about it. In fact, changing the light box itself can also achieve the differentiation effect and improve the publicity effect of the light box advertisement. Such light box is known as the special-shaped light box in the industry.
When it comes to the research and development of special-shaped light boxes, we have to mention the leading brand in the domestic light box industry, chuangshimei commercial office furniture. In order to fully meet the personalized pursuit of customers, they launched customized services many years ago, including wall mounted, vertical and suspended ceiling light box forms, so that customers' advertising is not limited by space. What's more, chuangshimei's commercial office furniture has made great achievements in special-shaped light boxes. It can not only develop commonly used rectangular light boxes, such as round, ellipse, arc and other shapes. For example, the arc light box designed for it in the underground passage by cooperating with China Unicom not long ago takes into account the frequent flow of people in the underground passage, but most of them are in a hurry and will not stay, which leads to them The reading time of each "point" is short. If the traditional shape light box is still used, it may not be enough for them to receive the advertising content completely. Therefore, the arc design is adopted in the form of "line" to effectively extend the time for people to contact the advertising information and enhance the memory effect. Moreover, it does not need the pedestrians to watch the side of the lamp box, and the right arc will directly Advertising content to the pedestrian's line of sight, so that they inevitably pay attention to the content of the advertisement, so that the light box design according to local conditions undoubtedly greatly improves the advertising effect.
Coincidentally, the dynamic light box specially designed by chuangshimei commercial office furniture for Yadi electric vehicle is greatly favored by customers. The dynamic effect of chuangshimei commercial office furniture is realized through controller programming, which makes the customer's electric vehicle move vividly on the canvas. This lamp box design has the same dynamic publicity effect as video advertisement, but compared with the latter, chuangshimei commercial office furniture has the same dynamic publicity effect The light box of furniture is better in production cost, later maintenance cost and novelty degree, which makes Yadi's publicity to a higher level, and this has become one of the best creative design of creative decoration America's commercial office furniture in recent years.
In addition, the customization of chuangshimei commercial office furniture is not only limited to products, but also extends to service. They undertake large-scale light box advertising and publicity business for enterprises, and provide customers with one-stop service. From the design of pictures and light box modeling to installation and later maintenance, chuangshimei commercial office furniture undertakes all-out, without customers' worry; and for individual customers, chuangshimei Commercial Office Furniture Co., Ltd The customized service of office furniture shows the transport package of products. In order to ensure the safety of light box transportation, the commercial office furniture is specially customized for foam and wooden frame. It provides a full range of shock absorption and anti falling protection for the lamp box, and ensures that customers can use the most complete high-quality light box.
These customized services are the measures of chuangshimei commercial office furniture to ensure the quality of light boxes and try to provide customers with the best publicity effect. As a matter of fact, chuangshimei commercial office furniture has gained a lot of favor, and has gradually become the leader of the domestic light box industry and constantly leading the development of the industry.
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