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How to calculate the price of customized furniture?

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 For customized furniture, many friends do not know how to budget the price, so they have been hesitating whether to customize it. In fact, the pricing method of customized furniture is not as difficult as you think, so don't worry too much. To introduce you to four common pricing methods, there is a need to have a look.
1、 Calculated by projected area:
Calculate the length of the cabinet multiplied by the height, and then multiply by the unit price to get the total quotation. Usually the interior design is basic, relatively single, hardware and so on are mostly given away. If consumers need a more practical internal configuration, there will be additional charges.
2、 Calculated by developed area:
The cabinet structure is completely split, the number of internal diaphragms and drawers are expanded into a plane, and then the number of plates used is calculated and multiplied by the unit price of the selected board. As for hardware, slide rail and other related accessories, some brands will give away, some brands will calculate separately.
3、 Calculated by unit cabinet:
The brand has made the corresponding quotation for each standard cabinet, size drawer, partition board, etc. in advance, consumers can freely combine according to their own needs, just like building blocks, which is flexible and arbitrary. However, whether there are some small accessories such as hardware in the single quotation are different from each other, so we should pay attention to this.
4、 Automatic calculation of design software:
Design on the computer, real-time modification can be carried out and the quotation can be issued in time, and the production can be carried out according to the CNC production line. Professional software will calculate the actual consumables of each design scheme, including plates and hardware, as well as working hours, and finally generate the quotation automatically.
Nowadays, customized furniture is becoming more and more popular, while consumers recognize its style and quality, they also need to study the complex pricing methods to avoid losses.

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