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How about whole house customization? What should we pay attention to?

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 1. Design style of customized furniture
Before the design of the number, time, to achieve accurate room measurement, this is a very critical step, is a very troublesome step, but we must pay attention to, and designers at any time to communicate, in order to avoid mistakes.
2. Customized furniture and environmental protection materials
Nowadays, the whole house customized furniture is basically customized according to the needs of consumers. Therefore, we ignore whether the goal of environmental protection furniture is environmental protection or not. For example, when some consumers customize furniture, they only consider the style, but they want to own but ignore the importance of panel.
3. Family characteristics of whole house customization
We are in the custom wardrobe, but also more stringent moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, deformation resistant, wear-resistant, environmental protection, health features. Jin Maisen's whole house customization is a derivative of German brand. It combines rigorous German simple design, compact structure, precise process requirements and German original simple design concept, creating a pure German style whole house customized family leading brand in the world.
4. Customized hardware accessories for the whole house
|To see everyone's pursuit of environmental protection, enterprises focus on the most publicized list of the major brands of furniture, greatly accelerated this reminder that you use furniture for a long time, hardware accessories is more important when you choose custom, you must pay special attention to the metal parts, it is recommended to choose the best.
The decoration contract of the whole house has 6 customized notes
Renovation contract period must be consistent, such as 100 square meters of two bedroom house, simple decoration period is generally about 35 days, decoration company for insurance, generally will last for 45-50 days, if eager to move into the owner, when signing the contract, you can consult the decoration company or designer to communicate.
2. Payment
Fitting model should not be a one-time payment, first and the best point of the final payment, the specific situation can be discussed with the decoration company or designer.
3. Change in the project for renovation
It is impossible to control the process in which exactly one hundred percent of the material can be added or reduced in some materials, such as pipes, cabinets and more, and in so few tiles. What's more, settlement will be made after completion. Therefore, the best copy of the quotation provided by the company in order to fully renovate to avoid price disputes at the time of signing the project contract or change.
4. Warranty
Now is still the main decoration site construction personnel, which is difficult to avoid the quality problem. Therefore, in the decoration process, clear responsibility is very important. Whether it is construction or product warranty, it should be a good agreement. Other restrictions must be clearly written in the contract.
5. Cost of use
Decoration process will be used in water, electricity, gas, etc., this cost adds up a lot of money, who will pay in the agreement also pointed out.
Does the yellow series look good?
According to the drawings, the home decoration should be approved in strict accordance with the construction drawings. If the information does not match the size and design drawings, the owner can request rework.
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