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Office furniture industry consultant

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Gender 性别 Marriage 婚姻
Education 学历 Experience None
Age All Salary Negotiable
Updated 2020-08-31 Valid until Never Expire
 Job responsibilities:
1. Mainly responsible for office leasing;
2. Be responsible for the reception and consultation of customers, and provide excellent real estate consulting services for customers;
3. Understand the needs of customers, provide suitable housing, and conduct business negotiation;
4. Accompany customers to see the house and promote the transaction of house sale and leasing business;
5. After sales service follow-up and customer maintenance.
1. You should have --- college degree or above, 18-40 years old;
2. They should also express clearly and fluently, have strong enterprising spirit, team spirit and family responsibility, and dare to challenge high salary;
3. Preferably have - sales, customer service work experience is preferred;
4. You can --- have certain real estate business knowledge is preferred;
5. If yes - veterans can relax the application requirements (or fresh graduates).
We provide you with:
1. Perfect career promotion plan and space (partner - Branch Manager - Regional Manager - Regional Manager - General Manager);
2. Super High Commission (60% commission can be enjoyed immediately after becoming a full-time official);
3. Comprehensive real estate business knowledge training (real estate terms, business etiquette, marketing skills, etc.) and one-on-one teaching in charge;
4. The transportation is convenient, each district has set up branches, which can be distributed nearby according to personal will;
5. Provide accommodation;
6. Irregular League building activities every Saturday;
7. Excellent office environment.
fringe benefits:
1. Higher salary and higher salary + monthly salary + 60% bonus for annual leave;
2. Promotion space: 2 months to become a full-time employee automatically, irregular internal selection, management adhere to internal competition, there is no "airborne soldiers";
3. Reward system: Rookie Award, monthly award, quarterly award, annual award, elite gift bag, team award and many other awards (including physical award, cash award and Tourism Award);
4. Staff activities: dinner, outing, karaoke, mountain climbing, farmhouse, badminton, table tennis, basketball and other sports activities
Interview address: 3 / F, Renjian building, 77 Wuyi Avenue, Furong district, Changsha City
Working hours: 8:30-12:00 am 14:00-18:00 PM
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